May 2015

The first meeting of the German-American Genealogical Partnership was held in Minnesota.

Oct 2015

Having read of the success of the GAGP, the convenors of the SAGHS Germanic and Continental European SIG began to explore ways to better share information and facilitate conversations with their members.

Jan 2016
SAGHS GCE and Lutheran Archives begin discussing the idea of a German Heritage group to collect German-Australian family history material that was often offered to the Archives but did not fit within their accession mandate.

Mar 2016
Dirk Weissleder of the Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft genealogischer Verbände (DAGV), an instigator of the GAGP, contacted several individuals and societies in Australia to see if a similar network could be created in Australia.

Aug 2016
The first meeting of the German-Australian Genealogy and History Alliance was held with members of the DAGV, SAGHS, QFHS, and Lutheran Archives.

Sep 2016
GAGHA website launched at

Jan 2017
GAGHA Facebook launched (@GermanHeritageAustralia).

Feb 2017
GAGHA became a member of the International German Genealogy Partnership (the new name for the GAGP).

June 2017
GAGHA launches German-Australian Heritage and History Facebook Group.